Luxury Yachts

Rent a boat for touring the beautiful shores of the White Island is one of the experiences that you and your guests deserve. A memorable event in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury aboard our private yachts. You can enjoy of amazing beaches and views that surround the island, and see one of the most beautiful sunsets in
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V-Klasse 4MATIC

VIP Transport

Our service is available 24 hours. We are convinced that the quality is not at odds with the price, our prices are not competitive. Chauffeurs have extensive work experience, great protocol and accustomed to high standing. Ibiza Desire ensures quick and efficient transport that adapts to your needs. Plan transfers with our service personnel available, so you
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Private Jets

We have a large fleet, more than 80 aircraft, diversified across Europe, Asia and the US. They have the most exclusive details to make your trip more enjoyable stay. Aircraft and crews, which meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We are committed to find the best solution for all aircraft available worldwide with
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Exclusive Cars

Exclusive Cars Explore the island with the best company, enjoying life in and a dream car. IBIZA DESIRE are specialized in sales management of sports cars , supercars , classic ,unique and collectible business. Among them we have in stock :Porsche, Lamborghini , Ferrari, M.Benz , BMW, etc …  For any questions:
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