Helicopter Rides


ruta_1Isla Blanca

30 minutes

The helicopter take off from the Ibiza ́s airport, Es Vedra, an island full of magic and magnetism, surrounded by myths, legends and mysteries.

You will discover the secret coves, hippies chose to eeach the island in the 60s, Atlantis, source of all kinds of magical stories.

The mythical village of San José, San Antonio, and the world’s most famous sunset. San Mateo, Santa Inés the northern Ibiza, San Miguel, San Joan de Labritja, the temple of the goddess Tanit. Tagomago, hippies towns, San Carlos, Santa Gertrudis.

Santa Eulalia, Rocallisa, Calalonga the view of the silhouette of the walls of the Renaissance fortress city, Dat Vila.

Airport taxes and handling in VIP room.

Full flight 835€.

Maximum 3 passengers taxes and VAT included.

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ruta_2Las Pitiusas.

60 minutes.

Pitiusas means “pine-covered”.

Discover the white villages of Ibiza cited in the previous route, and get the privilege to see from the sky the beautiful island of Formentera.

Its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and its megalithic ruins.

Full flight 1,670€

Maximum 3 passengers, taxes and VAT included.

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