V-Klasse 4MATIC

Vip Transport

Our service is available 24 hours. We are convinced that the quality is not at odds with the price, our prices are not competitive.

Chauffeurs have extensive work experience, great protocol and accustomed to high standing. Ibiza Desire ensures quick and efficient transport that adapts to your needs.

Plan transfers with our service personnel available, so you can meet their various commitments, beaches, harbor, leisure centers, restaurants …

And of course, you can choose the best option if you wish, have a driver 24 hours a day if required.

Because the highest priority for us is you, with this service and expect long lines will save, not lose valuable vacation time. You will have personalized service at the door.

Whether from a hotel on the island or from a hidden villa, for transfers from the airport or their movement within the island, absolute privacy and confidentiality.

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